5 Benefits of Music Collaboration

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In this era of social media ,music is easily shared among millions of artists . In which they have access to
give feedback either positive and negative depending on the content at hand.

With that said ,music streaming sites,blogs and other relevant sites have become so helpful, In bringing
together not only artists ,but also content creators from all walks of life.

Where each person can get to interact with other peoples work (Music) and even get a chance to connect
with like minded individuals to further work together.

5 Benefits of Music Collaboration


1) Exposure

When two or more people connect to work on a certain project , it is a great way to gain exposure. Many
are the times when artists are able to get their music to be heard by a larger audience than their own.


This in turn will get more audience who will further interact with your music leading to more engagements
and can convert to sales or even have potential fans for life.

For any serious artists ,producers or content creators, exposure is very important in gaining an extra mile
in your career.



2) Networking

Networking which is the ability of searching and connecting with other like-minded individuals ,or
companies or even brands in order to level up in your career .

Networking is closely related to the above point ‘exposure’, since they both aim at elevating their career. By
either improving on the level of business or expertise. The difference is the parties involved do not have to
be on the same occupation ,but rather have symbiotic relationship where both benefit from each other.

Networking though goes more deeper as a factor on its own. Moreover, a certain individual or company
may have their strategist suggest networking as the best means to increase their revenue.

Let’s say for instance you operate a music production business and then you link up with well known music
influencers .

With the right budget the producer can easily get more exposure, and end up with more clients
hence increasing leads for the business. The influencer or the marketer on the other hand is getting
business from the producer. So these two businesses can work together for a long time and grow their
networks to bigger empires.

This powerful factor was quoted in the book ‘Think and Grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Click here to get >Pdf<.


3)Improves Skill and Expertise

We have constantly heard of ‘Practice Practice make Perfect’. This is self evident not only for music
creators or artists but in any kind of field you delve into.

Moreover, The 10,000 Hours Rule; which was made known to the world through author Malcolm Gladwell
cannot be ignored at this stage.

However , how true are this statements which have become staple quotes for business men and
entrepreneurs through out the world?

Firstly ,it takes more than just putting in 10,000 hours of work in any field of work. I am not a
mathematician , but 10,000 hours translates to approximately 417 days . To break it down even further
,It means taking 3 hours per day for about 3,333 days that is up to 9 years. Putting in practice at any given

For any musicians out there ,it is evident that it takes much more than just practicing daily at your craft to
become an expert.
It takes dedication and passion for what you do which takes you further in your career . Secondly , being a
goal oriented artist has proven to add more fuel to keep you going in this ever changing fast pacing world.

As a result of the above cliche’ statements ,they are neither right or wrong. The most important thing to
remember is when you set a certain goal and aim towards it.. with either self or guided learning you will
improve your musical skills. Also finding the ‘why’ you love what you do i.e the passion will keep you going
even on your bad days.

When you make it a habit to collaborate with more like-minded artist it’s a slow
process but definitely works every time. You will always learn a new skill or such as music styles ,music
writing , sound selection ,mixing and many more.

That is why many artists have formed Music groups ,bands and business associates. A good example is the producer group 808 Mafia formed in 2010 by Southside and Lex luger ,including metro booming ,Tm88 ,tarentino among others. The group has gone to
produce some of the notable artist such as Gucci mane, Wacka and recently Future, 21 Savage, Young thug e.t.c

4) Improve the Power of Mastermind

This is similar to networking factor no.2 above, but goes a bit further. The definition of a mastermind
group, is a group of like-minded individuals or of peers who come together to give each other advice and
support. It’s similar to mentoring,where people like entertainers ,athletes or business people come to share
and learn more ideas on their specific work or skills.

These meeting points such as Dj , producers and musicians festivals help create awareness on a certain
areas of importance, topics or more relevant social campaigns. Such as fighting drug-addiction in the
artists community.

A recent good example that happened is, in ‘East African Underground Festival Scenes ‘ held in Kenya
where i live .The festival basically brought together thousands of soundcloud musicians and it helped them
share their musical experiences .





On which they further explored on topics about Kapuka & gengetone which are popular up-beat genres in East Africa and fusion with Trap and to form the up-coming style
Shrap .

All these are ways of collaborating by artists to improve their skills and goes further just expertise but to
form social trends in a society.

5) Boosts Productivity

When Music creatives come together,they form synergy. With delegation of different duties helps in saving
time. Meaning more duties are performed faster and efficiently. In a scenario of a production team
comprising of; producers ,instrumentalists, mixing & mastering engineers ,lawyers , publicists and brand
promoters is a perfect example for a ‘Collaboration in Synergy’.

Where each person brings in their level of expertise ,which in turn contributes in making a complete
integral team or ‘Entity’. This further boost productivity helping the company’s brand growth and
development. We learn that for instance a producer does not have to know how to promote the music since
there is an expert for that in the team.

This will also help sharing of ideas and helping each team to work efficiently, since they are working
towards a common goal.



In summary music collaborations develops exposure ,brand awareness ,networking broadens you to a wider audience as well as improving your skills/expertise. Moreover, it improves the power of mastermind and work efficiency while saving time due due to delegation of duties hence promoting work productivity.    

With these ideal 5 Benefits of Music Collaboration, i hope they inspire your efforts of collaborating with
others .Comment and share this article below ,with friends or family!


” Where each person brings in their level of expertise ,which in turn contributes in making a complete integral team or ‘Entity’. This further boost productivity helping the company’s brand growth and development. We learn that for instance a producer does not have to know how to promote the music since there is an expert for that in the team..”


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