6 Energy Boosters For Creative Mind(s)

6 Energy Boosters For Creative Mind(s)


6 energy boosters for a creative mind(s)

6 energy boosters for a creative mind(s)


11th March, 2016

Author: Maurice Mukiri

6 Energy Boosters For Creative Mind(s)

In today’s world people have more opportunities to become and attain the level of success they have ever dreamed of. 

With so many activities to deal with in a typical day, not to mention the many distractions like social media and exposure to more entertainment to say the least. 

As a result, this can leave a creative or a professional with little or no energy throughout the day.  


This article is more inclined to any professionals or (Creatives’) that I will keep mentioning in the course of this article. In the creative sectors of the economy i.e.  Musicians/Artists, Beat-makers, Producers, and any form of creativity you can think of. 

1) Fruits & Vegetables

   The cliché of maintaining a balance diet is well known fact to keep the overall health in the body. 

However, contrary to that belief, it is not enough to keep high energy levels.


A particular group of foods known as Vitamins ensures the constant supply of energy with some commonly known to cure and prevent many ailments.

   A readily available source of these vitamins can be found in fruits and vegetables Celery, Kales, Spinach, Zucchini, and green apples, oranges, water melon and mangoes. 

You can make a puree or mixed juice from these fruits on your blender preferably when you wake up in the morning. 

Sometimes, I add carrots and other veggies but this is the bulk of it. Then lightly sweeten the juice but keep sugar content low, preferably use honey instead of sugar which is natural and healthier to the body.        

 Moreover, I find supplements as a good source of Essential vitamins to the body.  I also take a multi-vitamin, rich Vitamin D, E in B12, Seven Seas Capsules which contain Omega 3 oils that are beneficial to a healthy growth and strengthen the immune system.

Naturally these can be found in Pumpkin seeds rich in Zinc improving memory which will leave you Feeling better and helps you do better throughout the day. 

2) Water

  Water has remained to be the universal solvent all around the globe. It is a naturally occurring substance that makes 71% of the body. 

Therefore, the body requires it for normal body processes and for digestion. 

This in turn helps in removal of harmful or excess toxins in the body therefore, leaving the body feeling fresh and re-invigorated. 

Contrary to the popular belief, drinking 8 glasses; which is known to have negative effects to the body by draining the essential vitamins through urine. 

Keep a normal and manageable intake of around 4-6 glasses of water daily. You will notice

 a replenished and more energized self in the course of the day .

3) Exercise

  The body requires day to day training and exercises, to help keep check body weight although some may differ on the ‘Weight’ part but this can vary from one person to another.

 Keeping a regular Exercise habit throughout the week means the body is able to burn the excess calories and even fat accumulated through our meals. 

The body has self-regulating mechanism of removing toxins and harmful substances in our body. 

However, this alone is not enough to for you sit all day passive thinking that you will be okay. 

It is a well known fact that the body emits some hormones called endorphins which are the feel-good hormones. 

That explains why you feel energized or report feeling more positive after hitting the gym, jogging, nature walk or performing any form of exercise.    

Maintain a regular exercise pattern, keeping it simple in the initial stages and slowly building momentum in the course until you comfortable with it. 

4) Rest and Regular sleep


This factor is normally overlooked in today’s ‘hustle infested age’ lol! or hustle and bustle for  any individual. 

Many people are not able to keep a balance between hours of rest and working. 

After working on normal hours i.e. 9-5 or whatever schedule you have it’s important that you take adequate breaks of 3-10 minutes. 

This ensures increased productivity when you resume to a busy work-schedule, which also kills monotony in work pattern.

  1. b) Regular sleep

Again sleeping is becoming more and more elusive to the normal population .

Due to the most acclaimed stress related issues maybe from work or family. It is therefore important to condition the body to proper a sleeping routine. Remember a sleep deprived person is most likely to be unproductive

I normally find waking up early i.e. 5:30 and sleeping before midnight working perfectly, as opposed to sleeping in the wee hours of the morning which will leave you feeling drowsy and the need to recover the sleep for the most part of that day.

Another way is taking a quick Power nap in the afternoon of 5 -30 minutes; that is off course when not in a busy schedule or workplace, but BEWARE of your baddass boss Lol! You may end up being sacked.

In a research carried out, proved even Power naps that last a few minutes recorded increased alertness and in some cases improved memory.


5) Harnessing your Creative Energy


 In most professions the most fundamental principle is the Creative Energy required to maximize the potential output. 

More often, we creatives’ are faced with more pressure to complete a given project and conceptualize ideas. 

It has prompted us to spend more energy, time and efforts into trying to achieve maximum output, in the process rendering us less efficient and hence less productive.

  1. i) Develop several Concepts –Instead of spending 2-3 hrs trying to push an idea to perfection, initially come up with 3-4 Concepts don’t be afraid to develop any idea that storms your mind first.
  1. ii) Think outside the box –Sometimes when we are in the process of Creativity, we get stuck by trying to over-analyzing ideas. Step outside your ‘level of awareness’ or what you deem normal thinking. The most revolutionary ideas come when you are in most relaxed state; that is when the brain sparks with great ideas and eventually achieves maximum output. Remember Einstein, one of the greatest revolutionary of the 20th century? It is said that he used to sit still in a dark room for hours…. and he could come up with brilliant ideas that no one dared to think of.

iii)            Brainstorming-You have probably heard that 2 or more heads are better than one. When a creative strives to come up with a certain concept(s) but fails, It is important that he consults his colleagues or professionals in his field.

It is a proven fact that the ‘Power of Mastermind’ outshines single mind in terms of more productivity and Revolutionary ideas.

  1. iv) Develop your Concepts- After you developed hard earned 3-5 concepts, it is now time to pick the most viable ones at a time mold, develop and perfect it.
  1. v) Keep repeating this entire process everyday and you will realize more growth and development in overall output.       

6) Positive Attitude


 The Last but not least factor on boosting your Creative energy, is always developing and maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude. As a matter of fact it’s easier said than done. 

In day to day work and busy-schedules we are constantly bombarded with negative vibes in our heads.   

That little nagging voice that keeps insisting you are not good enough in this or that or you cannot do this because you don’t have  certain resources. 

If this trend is left unchecked it can render a ‘creative mind’ redundant and unmotivated to complete a task at hand.

Remedies to Counteract this:-

i) Develop a Strong Self-belief & Confidence –This should stem from your core values that are unique in each & every individual. God created us in his own image and each person has his or her own abilities, which are a sure way to cast away any doubts in your capabilities no matter your current conditions and level of preparedness

ii)Develop Insurmountable Courage- Courage is defined as the ability to pursue anything in presence of constant fear to perform that very thing we fearful of. In our daily work sometimes we are faced with specific tasks or problems that we haven’t encountered before. This is where courage sets in , try to solve the problem beginning with the known facts and then eventually moving to the unknown. By doing this repeatedly, you find that you more energetic and able to cover more ground, in achieving your maximum level of output.     

Have an energetic day!! Peace!


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  1. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thank you!

  2. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and the rest of the website is really good.

    1. i appreciate the warm feedback fam

  3. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up. “The basis of optimism is sheer terror.” by Oscar Wilde.

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