7 Advantages Of Using Mixer Console


7 advantages of using Mixing consoles 

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7 Advantages of using Mixing console

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7 Advantages of using Mixing consoles


In the advent of so much technology, DAW’s have improved music production. And has made it possible for many up-coming producers recording their music at the comfort of their home. 

Analog console or Hardware Mixer and HD mixer rigs have been in place since the 1950’s. Such as the REDD17, the first ever stereo mixing system to be set up at Abbey Road Studios in London.

  From that time we have seen production of HD multi-media rigs which are now used for live concerts and studio recordings.


This article  focuses on the advantages of digital mixer vs analog mixer and HD mixer rigs and their cons. With that been said, lets look at 7 advantages of using Mixing consoles below:


  1. No Latency-

What is Latency?

   It is defined as the delay effect of a sound signal produced when recording before it sends back signal to you the listener.


It automatically treats the latency effect in recording vocals or any live sound. Have you have ever used a Usb or any fire wire audio interface? Then you know it’s a nagging problem in which you need to add plugins to cut it off.

 With the use of hardware console they are typically designed to let you hear instant signal feedback.

You can achieve the same result using an audio interface by turning the buffer range to low making the signal feedback normal.


  1. No software & Plugins required –


Most of the mixer or analog consoles come with in-built effects such as reverb, compressors, and limiters. It also creates efficiency especially when you are several recording sessions with an artist.

 However, If you are using a typical software DAW you will have to open one session at a time and set up all those effects.

You need to connect and route so many things like band microphones in which you are able

to communicate with your band while on the booth and still able to route different live instruments and

operate all in the same session.


3. High Channel Count 

Analog or digital mixers have one distinct feature that is a higher number of in-built channels . For instance some come with 12 to 64 and so forth.

The possibilities are limitless it all depends on the studio space at your disposal. This feature comes in handy when you choose to add different sounds to be mixed.



4. Hands-on Efficiency –   

 Especially when you are recording many artists. It’s more intuitive and interesting to operate your effects by hand without clicking away inside your favorite DAW.

If you have ever used any hands-on hardware like MPCs, keyboard any instruments. Then you know nothing compares to that human feel it adds while recording, writing or even mixing music.



5. Live Stream-


Using a Live stream rig you can record and operate high quality live recordings using mixer and make different iterations and effects with a touch of a button.


This can be used for live band release parties, you-tube live, periscope feeds and for live interactive events that require streaming efficiency.



6. Input Channel Processing

With digital mixer consoles have many benefits over analog ones. One of the most noticeable is each channel has internal effects such EQ, compressors ,limiters and gate.  Further processing can be done through interlinking channels into each other, allowing for better mixing.


7. Saves time and Adds more value to the studio –


Let’s be honest if you have a busy recording sessions on a typical day, it will make sense to have a digital

mixer or analog console. Firstly, it will save a lot time when recording different audio and live instruments with an artist .


So at the end of the day a producer can maximize time on the number of artists records in a day and Therefore increase revenue.



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“……if you have a busy recording sessions on a typical day, it will make sense to have a digital

mixer or analog console. Firstly ,it saves a lot time when recording different audio and live instruments with an artist ….”

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