20 Tips on How to Improve Your Mixes 

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20 Tips on How to Improve Your  Mixes  should i get ableton or fl studio? 20 Tips on How to Improve Your Mixes        Mixing in itself is a wide term used in music production and is a crucial stage that makes or break your music’s potential to shine and win the hearts of millions of fans out there in the world.   On this blog post, I

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HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE PERFORMANCE How to optimize your WordPress website performance.     Let’s be honest with the growth of many websites all over the globe, demands for faster websites.. Which is almost inevitable for any website user in the world. A survey by Google estimates the average site speed of 3 seconds and above, to be poor among many users. It is a bit harsh, but

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Best FREE instrument plug-in/VSTS (2020)

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  Best FREE instrument plug-in/VSTS (2020) should i get ableton or fl studio?  Best FREE instrument plug-in/VSTs (2020) The following are instruments and effects we are highlighting: Note that not all vsts listed are free but some offer a trial version as well as paid versions.   Piano One by Sound Magic Piano One is a Realistic sounding virtual piano instrument. It is modeled from the Yamaha C7 concert grand,

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HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR SOUND CLOUD   How to monetize your sound cloud     In this digital era music, a lot of hurdles that people used to have are now easier to handle. With online music streaming ,it is possible to engage your fans and let them listen interact with your music.As a result, Sound cloud platform has made it possible to monetize your music and let you earn

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Top 10 Free Vsts in 2019

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Top 10 Free Vsts in 2019 should i get ableton or fl studio? Top 10 free vsts  This is almost the end of 2019  and if you are a music producer looking for free vsts, we have gathered a list of Top 10 free vsts in 2019 1.Dexed by (Digital surburban)-          This is an FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer free plugin. Its a multi platform format plugin

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MIXING VOCALS TECHNIQUES GUIDE mixing vocals techniques guide     First of all, you may have recorded your vocals, but they end up sounding quiet and crunchy.However, i can give you some guidelines and procedures to counter check  why they sounded ‘poor in quality’.   1. Choice of  recorder- One of the points you would want to find out is what medium you used to record the vocals. One scenario is

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           Serum is cross platform dream plugin that promises high quality sounds,with a strong vision and graphic interfaces to work with.   It has a build-in editor that facilitates real time wave-table creations and a better workflow interface.   Serum has different oscillators that manipulate the sound outputs, to give a high quality sounds.  It has graphic editors to facilitate visual editing and various rack of

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             Easy guide to mixing techniques  Mixing is an art that gets better with time,practice and experiences with sounds.Also there is no two mixes that sound the same,each     got their own sonic differences.   Sound Selection Another way to achieve a good mix is having a proper sound selection.This point should be considered first even before composing any music.You do not want to use

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THE ADVANTAGES OF SELLING AND DISTRIBUTING YOUR MUSIC ONLINE     selling music online     In this digital era, there is an unlimited potential to distribute any product since you are dealing with social media platforms. Musicians can maximize their chances in getting to reach a bigger fan base and potential customers. These methods can be utilized by beginners, intermediate to seasoned professional artists and producers.   Moreover, it does

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