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How can I record a voice via FL Studio 12

fl studio image (How can I record a voice via FL Studio 12 well)


Fl studio 12 is full-fledged daw that is capable of recording high quality vocals or any other sounds.

First of all you would need to have a good quality recording microphone/headphones .

From there, make sure the recording mic is plugged in on your desktop. It should be detected by your fl studio after a while.

Then you would want to open your Fl studio 12 and head on to the settings section then click on audio.On the input/Output devices you can either select ASIO4ALL v2 or Fl studio ASIO . These are the best devices output/input you can use to record high quality voice using native fl studio interface. If you have 3rd party ones use them to your liking.

You have two options on the buffer length during recording:-

Set or adjust your buffer size to lower range (265–512),if you are using effects on your vocals for example reverb,EQ,compression e.t.c.

When using direct monitoring the higher your under runs are, the better your recording will go without any hitches (512–1024).Experiment with different values to get desired effect on your vocals.

On the preview mixer track section you can set it to 1, so that you can control the metronome volume.

Then head on to your mixer rack and select mixer channel 1, on the top most section you will see a drop down menu to, select your mic if for example you using USB ones just select those. Next on the same mixer track add edison plugin to which the vocals will be recorded.

Select (On play) on Edison top most menu so that your recording will have a maker on each section on different vocal takes during recording.

Depending on whether you have a beat/instrumental above it loop as it recording your voice.

The last step is to hit record on edison and press play on fl studio. You will have voice recording on your playlist.

Enjoy your recording

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