Optimize a wordpress website

How to optimize your WordPress website performance.


Let’s be honest with the growth of many websites all over the globe, demands for faster websites.. Which is almost inevitable for any website user in the world.

A survey by Google estimates the average site speed of 3 seconds and above, to be poor among many users. It is a bit harsh, but considering we are now living in the information age in 21 century by all means is not a stretch. No user is going to stick around on your website if it takes anywhere above 20 -30 seconds to be honest.

In many cases some website owners find themselves between a rock and a hard place when they have to choose whether to maintain the website’s functionality ,aesthetic graphics, or useful e-commerce features to support their tool of trade. So if you find yourself in this situation, then you are in the right place, and in this article we are going to tackle how to optimize your WordPress website performance.


One of the factors Google uses in order to rank your website either higher or lower, is your page speed. Often ignored is type of hosting companies you choose and the packages offered.

  • Make sure your website is hosted by top rated companies in the industry such :- as WPEngine,  Site-ground, Kinsta, Myresellerhome and Wpengine

This is because they have fast reliable servers, which are going to reflect on your sites speed. Avoid EIG hosted ones which stands for Endurance International Group formerly known as Bizland ,which is basically a web hosting company that has taken over many other subsidiaries co.s such as blue host, Hostgater because they are crammed up with all these other subsidiaries and their support is poor and service is not as fast compared to the former above. If you have been using them I consider you switch to the ones listed above. You can verify this information by doing a simple google search ‘EIG hosting list’.

  • Also choose website themes that have higher rating and regular updating when you are starting out.

One of the most overlooked factors are the basic features provided by Cpanel . Even before considering adding any Speed optimization plug-ins. Login to your cPanel back end and configure some of the settings such :-Software section.

Normally you will find 3 options either Disabled, Compress All Content or Compress the specified MIME types. You want to check Compress All Content and Apache it will gzip and compress all your content loaded by visitors. This greatly increases sites speed for many websites.

Optimize a wordpress website


On your cPanel dashboard head on to Software. Next go to optimize Software which allows you to compress your website content before sending it to your visitors.

  • Make sure your website is running on the latest PHP version like 7.3 and above. This ensures smooth efficiency and fast load speeds.

2. Optimize all your website’s Media

On this you going to check unused images, videos, plug ins ,data and other forms of media on the site.

  • Delete most of the unused images ,videos and plugins to save on site’s space and you will notice a significant increase in your pages’ loading speed.

We recommend websites like GTmetrix and Pingdom. These are good for showing your load time and Google page speed gives your server load time.

  • Update your site to the latest PHP version that is 7 and above which will optimize your site to the latest updates available for your site’s engine.
  • Always stay up to date with the latest WordPress version this help your optimize your site and ensures it remains stable against threats like spywares, Trojan and infections through third party websites.
  • Install some WordPress Optimizing plug-ins and we recommend using the following :-
  1. SG Optimizer

     If you are using site ground hosting SG Optimizer is great complimentary plugin. It will enable easy workflow with Site ground hosting .Install and activate the plugin then I recommend adjusting these settings.

Go to Super Cacher settings then> Turn Dynamic Caching on and also Automatic cache. Then turn on Mem cache if you have a premium plan from site ground hosting.. Go to your cPanel and click on super cacher then turn on Static and Dynamic Cache. And same with mem cache then go back to Super cacher settings and you will be able to turn on mem cache.

Go to the second setting Environment Optimization and turn on Enable Https. Then insecure content as well as Gzip compression and browser caching.

Go to Front-end Optimization and turn on Remove Query strings from static sources as well as Disable emojis. Leave all other settings off.


Head to Image optimization then New image optimization to compress existing images on site. Turn on lazy loading on gravatars, thumbnails and responsive images .

To test out your website, go to GTmetrix and key in your web address in this format http://www.yoursitesname/ Or https://www.yoursitesname/ and then click test and you will see the loading speed plus it will list a number of resources. In which to optimize on, depending on your websites results In particular categories such as seen below:-

  • Enable Keep Alive
  • Enable Redirects
  • Compression
  • Optimize images
  • Leverage browser Caching
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript
  • Combine images using CSS Sprites
  • Minify Javascripts
  • Specify cache validator
  • Minify CSS
  • Minimise requests size
  • Specify image dimensions
  • Avoid landing page bad requests
  • Avoid bad requests


how to optimize your wordpress website performance.

GTmetrix performance2.PNG

wordpress optimization plugin


Click on several parameters such as Page speed, YSlow and waterfall. These mostly show you the list of resources like images by the order by size and the recommended size reduction you can enhance to reduce the loading time as well. Your page speed should at least hit more green indicated on the right to have a chance to score faster speeds. The main focus is not the grading, but improving on page loading time.If you are using any other site hosting I would recommend using the following  plugins :-

 2. Auto optimize

Go to plugins click add new and install it then activate it . Go to settings on the dashboard and go JS, CSS and HTML and click on the first two settings optimize java script code and aggregate JS files.

Head To CSS Options and check the first three Optimize CSS code, Aggregate CSS code and Aggregate inline Css.

Go To HTML Options and check the optimize HTML code,then go to the bottom and save changes and your site is going to be rolling fast lol. You can optimize further by going to Images on the next option and click on Optimize images on the fly and serve them from Short-pixel’s global CDN. Then on choose compression levels either Lossy ,Glossy or Lossless I recommend checking Glossy which offers great quality at lower sizes.

These two plug-ins are free to use and since I started using them I have seen an better site loading speeds.

Auto Optimize

If you have a bigger budget to spend on, you can install these plug- ins:-

    3. WP Optimize 

is a revolutionary, all-in-one plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images and caches your site.. this allows you to clean and optimize your database. It gives you the option to compress your images. Moreover, it allows you cache your pages, for super fast load times.

WP optimize

   4. Asset Clean-up

  Go to plug-ins click add new and install it then activate it. Go to settings and it will enable you have so much site functionality by allowing you to leave or unload certain scripts on each page that you build or site-wide. It loads up on each page at the very bottom.


For example on home page you can decide to unload all Contact forms scripts site-wide and allow it to load on Contact Us page only.

This greatly optimizes the site’s resources to only load the important and relevant scripts on each page and consequently minimizes the loading speed.

     5. Smush

It is powerful image optimization plugin powered by Hummingbird that dedicates it functions by examining every image you upload and giving you ability to literally smash the image to lower sizes maintaining the high quality lossless images to optimize your over-all database of images.

It is quite easy to use first install it just like all other plugins above.

Head on to setting of the plug in and it will indicate the number of total image size plus the savings you can make if you smush uncompressed images.


You can click on check on images to locate the uncompressed images and then clicking on smash . This will compress all images located on your wordpress. It will indicate the percentage in which it has smushed your images.



You would consider turning on Automatic compression is will be handy when you upload images to your site, they will automatically be optimized and compress for you.

On Meta data turn on strip image meta data this will effectively remove all unnecessary data on the image which accounts for the size also.

Click on Image Resizing turn on Resize my full size images which will detect unnecessarily large oversize images on your pages to reduce their size and decrease load times.

Under directory Smush gives you the option to choose which directory to bulk smush images

For the Integration section you can turn on Show smush options on Gutenberg block for those who use Gutenberg blocks. Click save settings

The other options are in beta version and Smush pro respectively.

Lazy loads section is most likely active since we turned on the initial settings in the beginning

Under CDN, needs you to upgrade to pro so you can have more settings.

On the Tools section turn on Image
This will add functionality to your website that highlights images that are either too large or too small for their containers.

Detect and show incorrectly sized images

  6.  WP You tube Lite

This plug-in is for users who embed many you tube videos on their site. It greatly compresses the videos and turns them into Jpeg thumbnails for easy lazy loads, to save the memory resources and in turn improve the performance and load time speeds.

Other ways on how to optimize your WordPress website performance are:-

  • Installing cloud flare plug-in on your WordPress back end
  • You can turn off comments on posts and the image avatars which also take much site’s resources but this optional if you want to leave them on for a busy blogging site.
  • Break comments into pages especially if you get many , there is free feature you can use. Go to settings then discussions check on break comments into pages and save your settings you will notice an improvement in loading speeds. 
  • Consider splitting your longer posts into multiple pages to reduce loading speeds.
  • Further install image optimizing plugins such as Imsanity, Short pixel which are free to use.WP Super Cache
  • Get rid of unused posts, spam comments and auto draft posts which create unnecessary bloat on your wordpress site.
  • Re-size all your images on the site you can check through GTmetrix click on page speed or waterfall and on Serve scaled images it will guide you on the large ones and their recommended resize dimensions. Use the detailed guide on the plug –ins above
  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is made up of several servers all over the world which will help your visitors load your page faster no matter their location. We recommend using Stack path CDN .It works well with WordPress and compliments all other caching plugins


All in all you may make all the necessary actions listed above and still get poor loading speeds. This may be due to the nature of the content you have on your site. For instance artists, photographers and producers want to showcase the highest quality in terms of photos or music players. Music players i have noticed tend to create that lag /slow loading and redirects which in turn slows down the page.

So in conclusion no matter your tool of trade always remember  your website does not have to be super fast. As long as its not keeping people waiting forever in which you could loose your potential clients.

If you enjoyed this article on how to optimize your wordpress website performance.? please leave a comment or share with a friend. If you have more questions kindly contact me

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“……One of the factors Google uses in order to rank your website either higher or lower, is your page speed. Often ignored is type of hosting companies you choose and the packages offered…”


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