Licensing info

Licensing Information

1.What is a Lease or Basic License?

   (Perfect for indie artists working on small projects.)

   Pricing $25.00

   This is a basic non-exclusive rights to use the beat in other words basic license .This means you got the right sell your recorded music     (up to 6,000 units)using the beat that you purchased on our site.Usually in Mp3 file plus a written Pdf contract.

2.What is a Premium Lease?

(Perfect for indie Artists who need Wav and a higher distribution limit)

Pricing ($40.00)

This is an extended lease that gives a non-exclusive right to use the beat. (either in Mp3 or Wav format ) usually you can sell up to 8,000 of your music.Also comes with a written contract in Pdf format.

3.What is an Exclusive?

(Perfect for indie Artists who need track-outs and a higher distribution limit)

Pricing is $499-$10,000

This is a license that grants the buyer full rights or ownership to the beat. ( in Mp3 , Wav  & track-outs format ) usually you can sell unlimited units of your music.Also comes with a written contract in Pdf format.

More details

Credits: ALL songs including our production MUST be credited as “Produced by Ghm beats” upon release to the public.
Payment Options: We accept all major credit cards and debit cards via PayPal.
Licensing Information: Instrumentals purchased from as Basic, Premium, or Exclusive licenses are LICENSED, NOT SOLD, to you for use only under the terms of the applicable license agreements. These licenses grant non-exclusive rights only.

Only the Exclusive license includes exclusive rights. reserves all rights not expressly granted to You.

All Free beats on our website or social media accounts are for promo use only and cannot be used for commercial use.

If you require an extended license purchase a lease to use it commercially.  

Non-exclusive license does not warrant the buyer to resell the beat to anybody,and should be used according to the contract specification.
Refunds: All sales are FINAL,No refunds.





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