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1.How Long does it take to get your beats once bought?

Once you buy any beat or a beat package you instantly download them via pay-pal link. Send to your email then to your hard drive.

It’s very fast and efficient.

2.Does  your beat(s) come with the ‘Ghm beat voice tag’ once bought?

No.Once you initiate a purchase on any beat on our store the repetitive voice tag is instantly removed.

You download a clean copy as you like.The only tags that come with the beat are. Those used on a sampled beat or those used as part of music composition.

3.How Long does it take to get your Music Mixed or Mastered?

Once you initiate contact and are cleared for us to work on it. It usually takes us (3-5 days)for turnaround.We will immediately contact you to download your ready files.

4.Can i get a Custom-made beat from us?

Yes. We now offer unique custom made beats that goes with what you want. Just contact us and we will make an offer.

5.How to Purchase a beat?

i)Listen to the beat of your choice

ii)Click on the cart icon on the right beside the beat you want to purchase

iv)Select the License you need (lease,premium or Exclusive)

v)Then Click on the green Checkout button at the top on the beat-store

vi)You will be redirected to pay-pal to purchase with your debit or credit card

6.What are “Bulk Deals”?

This is a discounted package of beats. That is when you decide to buy more than beat.

You will get a discount on a no. of beats stated under the package .You can get the (Bulk Deal)button above the beat-store.Click on it to preview the deals available.

7. I Did not receive a link for my drum kit /presets?

If by any chance you purchased your kit or preset bank or any product for that matter,go to the contact page and write a message with all the full product name,Transaction ID  and we will get back to you asap.

Exchanges- We only replace items if they have errors. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at and send your item with the item’s Transaction ID.

8. Royalty Free
As all our products all drum samples loops and samples packs are licensed to you in the Royalty Free option! It means that you don’t have to pay any additional fees! Only one small license payment and you can use or loops and samples in your commercial and non-commercial productions. There are no extra costs. Simple and easy!

Contact us if you have any queries that are not covered under the Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q section.




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