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RC-20 Retro Color (Preset Pack) will easily recreate the warmth and crunch of vintage equipment, but will also work perfectly in any modern production.

  • 22 Original Vintage presets


RC-20 Retro (Preset Pack)

RC-20 Retro color is an effects plugin that emulates the real hardware tape machine or
vintage recorders that were so popular back in the day from the ’60s to the early 2000s.

This VSTi is known to turn any dull sample signal to a lively and warm vibey feeling to samples.

It also adds a warm feeling of vintage tape gear.RC-20 Retro also Color adds crunchy, raw distortion, and bit reduction, therefore, adding grit, texture, and character to drums samples. In this pack, you are getting 22 crafted original presets you can use on RC-20 color from XLN
Audio. RC -20 presumably works with most software DAWS on the market.

Are you a producer looking for that vinyl or VHS sound?

This pack is perfect for old school, boom bap, east coast, Grimey, hip hop beats, and songs.
Moreover, it is not restricted to just old-school hip hop, but can be used in other genres such as Soul, R&B, Jazz, and EDM.

If you have used the Rc-20 plugin before, then you know how powerful it can be. So don’t hold back, just get this pack today and expand your creativity in your music.

Furthermore, you will add more life to your music recordings and Vocal samples.
We are almost certain you will get more ears listening to your beats and this could mean more plays, sales, or even placements!

Get the RC-20 Retro (Preset Pack) vol.2


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