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Product Download contains:

  • -(72) Total Samburu vocal samples
  • -(25) Samburu samples
  • -(30) Tribal (Vox & Chants)
  • -(15) Bonus Sounds (percussion & Fxs)
  • -(2) Full raw audio Samples (Extended play)
  • -Fully Mixed and Mastered
  • -24bit / 48 kHz WAV format
  • -Total Size: 180 MB UnZipped .rar Folder
  • -85 MB Zipped .rar Folder


Samburu Vocal Samples

Samburu are an African Nilotic ethnic group predominantly found in Kenya.

They live just in the north of the equator the Rift Valley province of Northern Kenya.

The Samburu are closely related to the Maasai of East Africa. They speak a similar dialect, derived from Maa, which is a Nilotic language. The Maa language is also spoken by the other 22 sub-tribes of the Maa community otherwise known as the Maasai.

The Samburu are semi-nomadic pastoralists. Cattle, as well as sheep, goats, and camels,
are of utmost importance to the Samburu culture and way of life. The Samburu are extremely dependent on their animals for survival.

There are many game parks in the area, one of the most well known is Samburu National
Reserve. The Samburu sub-tribe is the third-largest in the Maa community of Kenya and
Tanzania, after the Kisonko (Isikirari) of Tanzania and Purko of Kenya and Tanzania.

This kit contains 72 Samburu vocal samples, African vocal chants. Ghmbeats presents another African sample (Samburu) kit on this site. It contains a unique collection of
traditional tribal and African tribal vocal samples also rich in Samburu Tribal Textures.

The tribal loops are carefully recorded on location and curated voices of ‘Samburu
morans’ (young men) and both young and mature women. The songs represent the
vibrant, every day energetic songs, sang after daily work as a pastime. Unique Tribal samples also feature songs sang during marriage and initiation ceremonies.

72  Samburu Samples pack features full song loops, phrases and one-shots of the Samburu community.

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Product Download contains:

  • (72) Total Samburu vocal samples
  • (25) Samburu samples
  • (30) Tribal shouts (Vox & Chants)
  • (15) Bonus Sounds (percussion & Fxs)
  • (2) Raw audio Samples
  • Fully Mixed and Mastered
  • 24bit / 48 kHz WAV format
  • Total Size: 180 MB UnZipped .rar Folder
  • 85 MB Zipped .rar Folder

Photos Courtesy of pxfuel, ian Macharia()Un-splash

2 reviews for Samburu Vocal Samples

  1. Regmonmusic (verified owner)

    Samburu Vocal Samples captures all of the soulful essence I was looking for in my production. I love how the samples are tempo mapped and ready to drop into whatever track you’re working on. Great work Ghm Beats!

  2. Per Ebdrup

    Very good and friendly service. Authentic samples that can really be used for something unique.

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