In this era of digital technology, the amount of information on social media is really getting out of hand; if not overwhelming to most people. With the availability of mobile phones ,tablets and  laptops they have in turn improved the ease of Access of these very information that was not readily available 10-15 Years ago. So when you go out there write relevant content on your fan pages. I mean Content that will Add more value to your viewers .This way it is most likely that  your posts will create most engagement if not a buzz which will in-turn add loyalty and anticipation for the next post.






Knowing when to make your post is very important; it could mean a great difference in the level and quality of engagement by your viewers of fans. Therefore, one should anticipate the time of day when your post is likely to engage the most traffic.

      Ideally, most people are a bit free on the afternoon for instance 1.00pm to 2.00pm during a lunch break; this would mean many people being able to squeeze a minute or two of their time to open that irresistible face book post that has captured their eye on their notifications. In the morning being a bit tricky, bearing in mind most people are busy trying to catch a bus or the commuter train to their place of work. It is rare for people to open their face book  at this time but still possible for those early birds’  that get to work first and take advantage of the limited time before their annoying bosses get on their nerves. I remember this incident when I was working in the insurance co. Cfc life back in 2009,I used to make sure I get before our boss reported to the office and browse the internet sites. It was against our department rules as it is inappropriate in many companies.  This continued for several months however, one day as usual me and my work colleagues were watching a certain video that had gone viral via face book .This time the boss reported early and unexpectedly and there we were glued to our computer screens, you can probably imagine what happened next!!!Lol ,  to cut the story short,  you ‘see’ the importance of getting your posts placed at an optimum time.        




On average day, we are bombarded with 6-15 articles, post on the countless mushrooming social sites everyday according to a survey carried out recently. In this posts we get to see many audio-visuals that either catch our eye or not in other cases. In order for you to keep your fans glued to your page posts’ it’s important to use eye-catching visuals aides.




       Never the less, try to imagine the last post that you remember in great detail, was it colorful, decorated or was it just dull? It does not take rocket science for the brain to decide whether to keep the most striking level of detail and message that the author, writer / blogger was trying to put across .

   Moreover, with the advent of ever-growing SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) as well as Big companies the volume of information has increased ,as we see more of these companies have resulted to hiring experienced graphic designers, media experts and bloggers to come up with high quality images and posts. You too my friend should not be left behind, in your own way try to use high quality images in your posts and for sure will see your fan engagement day by day. There are several places I can recommend you to shop for high quality images such as dreams time, pixel bay and Shutter-stock photos just to mention a few by sparing a few dollars on membership or  making a onetime purchase which I often use .




Most of the time I have seen many people and to be precise producers and artists complain that their content is not creating any engagement well enough as they would want to. In most cases people fail to identify the type of content they are trying to put across. I would encourage you to conduct a research on what your fans would love to see on their face book walls. For instance you may be a hip hop artist and sometimes you are trying to post rock or reggae related articles or whatever you want just because you love these genres of music too. Remember to keep consistency with the content your offering; again there is a very valid reason why your fans liked your page in the first place. Therefore, do not give them a reason to get bored or in the worst case scenario even to unlike your page.





Six Ways To Increase Fan Engagement On Facebook

Many of the posts that keep me captivated to their message are the ones that are brief, precise and to the point and comprehensible. There is no need to use eleven or sixteen letter jargon Lol !  To explain what would have been explained by a word or two. It is true that our egos sometimes get into our way of life, but remember these are your fans we are talking about here, you would not like your fans moving on to your competitors……….Or would You!!?? Guess not………..

  In your posts Use jokes or poke some fun  along the way, a word of caution though; just make sure  you are not insulting any one’s individuality, religion, social lifestyle and last but not least their beliefs.  It is more memorable for fans to remember and keep engaging with your posts by liking and commenting if they are able to relax and have some fun with them.




Six Ways To Increase Fan Engagement On Facebook

This particularly refers to when you decide to go for those long posts. I know this seems to contradict Tip #No.5 however, at one time or another we have the urge to give long blog post on a certain topics.

 As a result, what I want to put across is when you find yourself having a long post remember to create anticipation. The way to achieve this is by ‘using breaks’ on your information.

For instance using Click Here to read more info or by use of this two arrow sign>> (meaning more info on the Next page) that is a typical example you’ve probably seen on any many sites.

  Another way to create anticipation is withholding certain piece(s) of information from the viewer only until, to a certain time that you deem appropriate for them to get the whole picture. An appropriate example to this is by reading Tip number 6 all over again Lol!

Literally, if you look closely at the content of Tip number 6 was primarily explaining one point. However, I intentionally used prolonged sentence structure before I could get to the main point. I used approximately three sentences to get to the main point which was Using breaks which are in quotes done again to create anticipation .In the mind of the reader he or she is probably wondering why they are been taken in circles ,But you now know the reason genius Lol!

With these simple tips ‘Six Ways To Increase Fan Engagement On Facebook’ if applied well you will see a change in your engagement on your page posts.

My Best Regards,

Maurice Mukiri

Ghm Beats





                                                The End




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  1. Hey there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!|

    1. Hey, i’m using wordpress platform & got hosting from . They got 100’s of unique themes to choose from, plus some of the features are so easy to use.You won’t regret their service, but a word of advice buy a premium theme that is unique to your trade..

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